Merit Chevrolet Wants To Make You A Preferred Owner!

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Merit Chevrolet is proud to offer its Preferred Owner Program to its loyal customers!

Benefits Of Becoming A Preferred Owner at Merit:
  • Points may be used in conjunction with any other specials or coupons offered by Merit Chevrolet. (Most other dealerships don't allow this!)
  • Points equal to 5% of the total paid by a Preferred Program Customer out-of-pocket for parts and/or service, accessories, will be awarded to the Preferred Program Customer.
  • Accumulated Points may be applied to extended warranty repair out-of-pocket-expense only.
  • Accumulated Points may be applied to collision repair out-of-pocket amounts only.
  • Accumulated Points accrued through service may be applied to new vehicle purchases from Merit Chevrolet.
  • Maximum Points that may be redeemed on vehicle purchases will be $500.00.
Terms & Conditions:
  • Preferred Owner Card Points cannot be redeemed for cash.
  • Items purchased with Points cannot be exchanged or returned for cash.
  • The Preferred Owner Card and any accumulated, unused Points will expire 4 years from the date of activation of the Card, and a new Card will be issued to the Preferred Program Customer.
  • Merit Chevrolet reserves the right to change, suspend or discontinue the Preferred Owner Program at any time. Thirty (30) days' notice of any such change, suspension or discontinuance will be published on the Merit Chevrolet website and will be sent to each Preferred Program Customer at their last known e-mail address (or, in the case of a customer who does not have an e-mail address, will be mailed to such customers).
  • Fleet customers may be included in the Preferred Owner Program in the discretion of Merit Chevrolet.
  • Wholesale customers will not be included in the Preferred Owner Program.
  • Merit Chevrolet employees will not be included in the Preferred Owner Program.
  • Accumulated Points may not be applied to a customer's share, if any, of warranty repairs.
  • Points are not earned with vehicle purchases.
  • Maximum Points that may be redeemed on parts and/or service purchases will be $300.00.
  • The Preferred Owner Card must be presented at the time of all transactions in order to receive Points for the transaction and to redeem Points for the transaction.
  • When receiving a free oil change in conjunction with any maintenance package, the normal cost of the oil change will be deducted from the remaining cost of the maintenance charges, and Points will be awarded only for the amount of the maintenance charges reduced by the normal charge for oil change service.

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